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A-Comics Magazine

A-Comics Magazine
Just a new dosage of xxx comics to bring more fun and pleasure to your routine life! There are more thrilling plotlines for your pastime able to make you stick to your monitors for hours, hours of pleasant viewing. Salacious super-heroes and real males and females in heat, bdsm fantasies and unbelievable erotic dreams, extreme adventures and funny stories are waiting for you in the 4th issue of a-Comics Magazine!
This story is a breathtaking adventure full of thrilling fire-fights, exciting pursuits and a tragic romantic story. What is more important love and mercy to any person no matter who he is - a bandit whose hands are covered with blood or a priest who is guarding the human knowledge - or revenge, death for all people who dare to kill your relatives, your beloved person? What will win love or hate?

Have you ever imagined sucking and fucking with an invisible man? Your dreams will come true in this breathtaking story. Being in love the physics professor makes an ointment with the flavor of butterscotch which enables him to become invisible. He madly loves a prima ballerina Beatrice but then he meets Honey who shows him the world of outraged pleasures and incredible sex. Who will he choose at last?

Learning discipline is essential when you have to be a submissive sex-slave. Could Anna ever know where she would end up working for "Intro", a company that produced dildos. Being a secretary she had to combine jobs, but working as a model for the company's sex toys catalogue she needed some special training. However visits to Madame, her mysterious sex-instructor, led to great changes in her life..

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You can never get enough of this thrilling reading! These X-rated comics will make forget the reality and dip into the exciting drawn world. Unbelievable adventures, extremely sexy and hot women, unreal characters and frenzied sex scenes are waiting for you in the 4th issue of a-Comics Magazine. The story lines and imagery will exceed even your most daring fantasies so you'll never get bored here!
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