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Gutter Journals TOON FILES

Gutter Journals TOON FILES
The most shocking XXX nuances which never appear on the offcial police bulletins pages!
Illustrated history of the secret police records... Cruel crimes full of pain and humiliation ...
... Her big tits were exposed and slapped around while her asshole was lubed up to receive the loads of sticky cum. She was to be filled over and over and there was no choice in the matter for the slut...
...The dungeon was dark and dank as the girl sat on the floor wondering what would happen to her. She didn’t know where she was and how she had ended up there...
...Instead she followed the drive and it led her to a door with a little beast standing behind it. The beast invited her inside and...
...It didn’t stay empty for long though as the tentacles soon seeped through the door and began ravaging her body. Her shirt was torn open, her pussy was fucked and...
...The room was silver and sterile and there was an eery lack of sound that creeped her out and made her even more apprehensive. As it turns out that was perfectly warranted because she was going to be the subject of scientific experiments...
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